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Understanding your customer is the key to effectively managing and growing your business.

We have listened to and interpreted the voice of the consumer to business since 1990.

Our expertise lies in turning research and learning into insights and business recommendations.

How can Greenwood Management Help
your business?

  • To help cut through information to locate the nuggets that lead to business wins.
  • To ensure your research dollars deliver the answers you need.
  • To bring experienced data interpretation to your team.
  • To help wrestle reams of data into succinct implications.

Marketing Passion

Jill Greenwood, President, has collected and managed information for a wide range of clients. She is recognized by clients and peers as providing exceptional marketing research counsel.

She has a passion for making sure that research is a living breathing part of business decisions and doesn’t languish ‘on the shelf’. Her experience includes brand management, corporate research management and primary quantitative research (as co-founder of Market Horizons).
President's Message

“I never get tired of learning about people. Consumers continually surprise me with their perspective on the products and services in their world – even after years of listening to them.

That’s why marketing research is always fresh – because people are always changing. And, that’s why business needs consumer research – because we are not our customers and we must never stop learning from them.”
Jill Greenwood